Discipline and Area in Civil Engineering

There are seven areas in civil engineering including graphics, water & water resources, environment, strength & Structural Design, Road & Transportation, Engineering Management and Geotechnics

Lecturers who are expert in different areas will be appointed to supervise students in thier project until end of the semester

  • Definition

  • Goals

  • Objectives

Project is ...

guided activities and continous learning process where student needs to conduct a sistematic research for achieving research objectives. To success in this course, student needs to apply knowledge, concept, innovation and skills in their project.

Improving knowledge ...

and skills in solving the research problems with scientific techniques and sistematic. This process will increase student performance in:

  • apply the knowledge, understanding and practical skills in the work environment
  • considering social, scientific and ethic to make an evaluation and decision  .
  • good communication skills for delivery information, idea and solving the problem  .
  • Objectives of the project are...

  • Increase knowledge in certain area
  • Application of theory to real life practical
  • Introduce student in research and development (R&D)
  • As a platform for student to apply their creativity
  • Cultivate self-reliance among students
  • Make a decision and suggestion with supported facts
  • Deliver project findings in oral or written
  • Encouraging innovation in product as value added to polytechnic, community, industrial and nation.  .
  • Supervision

    To appoint a suitable supervisor for every group of students. Maximum number of student in one group is four (4).

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    To consult students in conducting a research or developing a product to fulfil curriculum requirements

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    To make sure every project follows the academic calendar

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    To manage evaluation process based on effective syllabus or curriculum.

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    Covers aspects of supervision, consulting, monitoring and evaluation

    To make sure every product has a proper direction and within the scope of civil engineering that meets the industrial requirement.


    This team was setup by four members

    working together to improve the quality of student project management towards 4IR

    Ts Dr Rusdi bin Rusli

    Program Coordinator and Web Developer

    En Akmal bin Abdul Rahman

    Data Manager

    En Saupi bin Mohamed Noor

    Quality Manager

    Pn Che Hasnah bin Mahmood

    System Manager


    This system developed to improve management of student project towards 4IR.

    Management, monitoring, supervision and evaluation are more easy and efficient using web application.

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